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15 Adorable Photos Of Puppies Growing Up Before Your Eyes

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Just like any other member of our family, we don't notice our dogs aging because we see them every day. It's only when we look back at our old photos of them that we realize our beloved pets aren't puppies anymore.

Of course dogs, like wine, only get better with age, but it can be shocking to look back and realize how much they've changed through the years. These owners all took photos of their dogs to create a shocking "then and now" effect that will make you realize how time flies.

This list gives you the best of both worlds: 15 adorable puppies and the cute dogs that they grow up to be!

1. "Okay, now my back is starting to hurt"

2. You're never too big for a hug

3. The flowers haven't grown much, but the dog sure has

4. Wow, that was a long nap!

5. We'll make an exception to the "no dogs on the furniture" rule for this one

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