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15 Animals Whose Adorable Appearance Disguises Just How Dangerous They Really Are

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Most animals are pretty wonderful, but some are definitively cuter than the rest. Obviously, puppies and kittens are way up there, but a lot of the cutest animals still need good defense mechanisms. Being out in the wild means that predators might come after them at any moment. Even though their big eyes and soft fur is cute to us, to a hungry animal it still looks like lunch.

These 15 animals may look like they are super cute, but you really shouldn't mess with them. Their adorable faces are really just a big trick, they are actually capable of a lot more than you'd give them credit for.


Elephants may look like they are calm giants, but in reality they aren't afraid to use their size as a weapon. They are known to throw rocks with their trucks so hard that it can actually kill people. While some zookeepers say it's rare, it's not as though you can really stop them from doing it if they wanted to.


Chimpanzees may be one of the cutest creatures on this list, but they are incredibly dangerous. They are ridiculously strong. Their arm strength is about five times the amount of an average human man. They also have sharp teeth and aren't afraid to get a big bite in if they need too. Another problem with the primate family is that because their genes are so similar to ours, they carry a lot of diseases that humans can catch.


Wombats are cute creatures, but their body is built for fighting. They have strong back legs that they use to kick others when they are feeling territorial. If that isn't working, they also have incredibly thick hide on their rear that shields them from bites. If something tries to pull them out of their burrow, they will grab it with their back legs and crush it against the ceiling using their rear. Not the best way to go...

Giant Anteater

Anteaters actually have huge claws and crazy strong muscles. They are capable of shredding through human skin as if it is paper. In most cases of anteater attacks, they will go right for the femoral artery in the groin because they somehow know that it's the worst way to die.


Did you know you are more likely to be attacked by a moose than a bear? It's due to the fact that some places have a much higher population of moose than bear. They tend to get aggressive during their mating season and they are a lot faster than you'd think too. They can run 35 miles per hour and has strong legs that you really don't want to be kicked by.


Their cute little faces are all a big lie. They are actually the second-most poisonous vertebrate on Earth. They give off a venom that will paralyze your diaphragm, and there is no cure.


Australian Reptile Park

Dingos are an adorable wild dog, but they are territorial and excellent hunters. They have been known to hunt humans if they have to, and honestly, you really don't want to be in that situation.


Dolphins aren't the sweet little creatures you may have thought. They are actually actually a fairly violent animal that tends to rape and kill other dolphins regularly. As for humans, they have been known to use their speed as a weapon and hit people hard with their noses before drowning them.

These aren't the only animals you have to worry about...

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