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15 Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas to help you Win Christmas

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Every year Elf On The Shelf is a thing is a year parents lose. How on Earth are we supposed to be so creative for a solid month of the year? It's not fair.

Although, seeing you child's face every morning when they hunt for the Elf and truly believe in that magic almost makes it worth it.

Here are some creative ideas for your Elf On The Shelf this year so you can make sure you win Christmas (and, y'know, so that your kids are happy.)

1. Elf Kisses

Someone has been getting into the candy, I see!

2. Laundry Elf

I would love if the Elf actually did my laundry! But maybe you can convince the kids to do it once they see the Elf doing it.

3. Snowman Elf

It's easy, it's clean, and it's super cute!

4. Barbie Date

How cute is this syrup date between Barbie and Elf? It doesn't have to be syrup, whatever you have in the fridge will work!

5. Baking Elf

Include your children's favorite recipe and you can even make them the next day!

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