15 Cake Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Cake is the perfect way to celebrate. It doesn't matter what the occasion is, if there's cake it immediately becomes better.

Unless, of course, you get one of these cakes. These are so messed up I don't even know who to blame. But they're also hilarious so frankly, I don't care whose fault it is.

1. Something tells me the instructions were not followed...

2. What do you have against Heather?

3. What...what was this supposed to say?

4. Marc will be disappointed. Or maybe Mark the Sailor will be thrilled!

5. I don't know if I'm more offended by the person who took the instructions literally, or the person who wrote "Olympics Rings"

6. Still gets the point across, no?

7. We don't know! Maybe they wore purple the entire year!

8. Congratulations to the bumble bee for whatever he or she accomplished!

9. Friends, proof-reading is important.

10. Goats?

11. As opposed to the discredited Victorian who ALSO ordered a cake from the same location.

12. How does this happen?

13. What is an Anniverscury?

Grandparents 50th anniversary cake #cakefail #dairyqueen

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14. Pretty cool though.

15. Whatever you say.

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