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15 Cats Who Are Not Impressed With Their Haircuts

Seriously humans, what were you thinking?

Haircuts are for dogs - cats groom themselves and their hair sheds naturally. While some homeless kitties need their fur trimmed when they get mange, they're perfectly fine with their God-given coat. For some reason, a few cat owners thought it was a good idea to turn their felines into works of art, getting them groomed to resemble lions or poodles.  

It's the most awkward-looking thing ever, and the cats are not too pleased about it.

1. We don't know what he's supposed to be, but he's not impressed.

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2. "How DARE you! You shall pay for this!"

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3. Trump cat is not amused


4. This cat is ashamed and wants to hide forever

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5. "I'm literally like, so done with you."

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6. The side-eye is real with this kitty

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7. "I will never forgive you for this."

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8. You might think it's cute, but lion cat couldn't care less

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9. "Put that back!"

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10. "We need to talk, human."

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11. Kitty wishes you'd never been an Elvis fan

12. This cat thinks his owner should be on the naughty list


13. Beady-eyed kitten will remember the mohawk you gave him next time you buy a house plant


14. Angry cat is plotting revenge

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15. The face of betrayal

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What do you think? Is it funny or cruel to give a cat a haircut? Let us know in the comments.