15 Celebrities Who Successfully Overcame Serious Drug Addictions

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It's already hard trying to navigate the world as a regular person, so you can only imagine what it is like to live your live under the watchful eyes of the public. Not only are celebrities expected to entertain us, they also have their own private lives to deal with. So when the pressure and stress becomes too much to handle, many of them turn to alcohol and drugs to cope.

Some like Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger never managed to recover, but there are many others who battled the disease of addiction and made some amazing comebacks.

Here are 15 celebrities who successfully battled addiction and won:

1. Matthew Perry

"I was never high at work, I was painfully hungover" the Friends star opened up in an interview with People. Perry struggled with a serious opioid and alcohol addiction throughout the hit show's 10-year run and in February 2001 he entered rehab for treatment.

The Independent

He has since used his experience to advocate for nonviolent drug offenders to be sent to rehab instead of jail. In 2013, he turned his Malibu home into a sober home for men called Perry House.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

At the age of 35, Jamie Lee had plastic surgery on her eyes which kick started her addiction to painkillers. She continued to use the drugs as well as alcohol for years to help her through some troubling times, fear of aging and "loneliness."

ABC News

The Freaky Friday actress sought help for her substance abuse after she realized the toll her habit would have on her daughter. She has been sober for almost 20 years and as part of her recovery she decided to stop caring about her body so much and let her hair go grey. When she's not busy filming, Jamie Lee is now volunteers as an anti-drug counsellor

3. Robert Downey Jr.

The Iron Man actor's drinking and drug habit got so bad he was unhirable and ended up in prison on more than one occasion. At one point during the height of his addiction, Downey walked into his neighbor's house and passed out on their bed.

Sun Times National

After missing multiple court-ordered drug tests, Downey was sentenced to 3-years in prison in 1999. He served a year at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, but the actor returned to his old ways soon after.

The turning point for Downey came after his wife gave him an ultimatum in 2003. He entered a 12-step program to kick his dangerous habit. Therapy, yoga and meditation were also aided in his recovery.

4. Eric Clapton

It's not uncommon for celebrities in the 1960s to struggle with substance abuse but Clapton's nasty addiction started to mess with his career. He once performed a concert lying down on stage because he was too drunk to stand up.

Music Times

“I thought there was something otherworldly about the whole culture of drinking, that being drunk made me a member of some strange, mysterious club,” the legendary rock star said on “The Today Show.” “It wasn’t until I was quite a bit older that I finally did ask for help.”

It took him two decades to finally seek help and has been sober ever since. He's also been helping other people overcome addiction in many different ways. He's played benefit concerts for Alcoholics Anonymous groups and even auctions off his guitars to raise funds for treatment programs.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan's addiction to alcohol, cocaine and Adderall led her to a downward spiral despite having a successful career as an actress and singer. The Parent Trap actress blamed her chaotic family life and the pressures of being a child star for her addiction.

After five attempts to get sober, a DUI charge and short stint in jail was Lohan's wake up call. The Mean Girls star's 6th attempt proved to be successful and has remained sober ever since.

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