15 Toys From Our Childhood That Were Given Unnecessary Makeovers

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The surest sign that you're getting older is when you take a trip through the toy aisle and don't recognize any of the brands - if you're shopping for your own kids, that's also a hint that you're over the hill. But some classic toys never seem to go out of style, and comparing the playthings of our childhoods their modern versions can be pretty shocking.

Did you know the View-Finder got a high-tech reboot? Or that Furby has an app now? Check out this list but be warned: you may feel your age by the end!

1. Strawberry Shortcake

This classic greeting card and cartoon character was given quite the makeover in 2009, being re-designed to look more trendy and fashionable than the original toy. Comparing the original Kiebler Elf-style design to today's Shortcake is kind of like looking back at embarrassing photos of yourself from Junior High.

2. Bop It!

It was a much simpler time when the original Bop It! was released back in 1996 with just three commands. To keep up with today's fast paced world and compete with smart phone, today's versions of Bop It! feature multiple difficulty levels, color-changing lights, and tons of other bells and whistles.

3. Teddy Ruxpin

Getting a Teddy Ruxpin from your parents was their way of telling you they were tired of reading Good Night Moon over and over. The ability to play cassette tapes made this bear a high-tech gadget in the '80s, but the updated model has 4 gigs of memory built-in.

Unfortunately, he also has glowing eyes to frighten a whole new generation of kids with.

4. Barbie's Dream House

Barbie has always kept up with the trends, changing her outfits to match the current style, and her house has changed over the years as well. The pastel pink paint-job is still here, but new features include WiFi-connected working TVs(!), with enough room for all of Barbie's friends, pets, and even the new and improved Ken dolls. How does millennial Barbie afford this place?

5. Littlest Pet Shop

We were so quaint when we were kids, willing to settle for a zebra and a small plastic stable as a "playset." Compare those dinky sets to the huge plastic structures kids get today and try not to feel bad. Although, the original animals were a little nicer than these bug-eyed ones.

Keep reading to see how Transformers and Polly Pocket look today!

6. The Dream Phone

Someone seems to have been confused when they made the revamped version of this board game. It's not very modern, in fact it seems like a dead ringer for the Nokia 3310, which came out in 2000. It does let kids "text," but these days by age 7 all kids seem to have a real cell phone.

7. Polly Pocket

What a shame! The new version of these toys have ditched the classic carrying case, which was why these toys were a hit with kids in the first place. At least you can still buy the grown-up version!

8. Super Soakers and Nerf Guns

When we were young Super Soaker technology was still fairly new, but it has developed at an alarming rate. Today's water weapons look like the real thing, turning your backyard into a war-zone. If you need to fight back, you could pick up the N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Nerf Gun, which looks as ridiculous as it sounds. This beast can shoot 80 feet!

9. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

You can still buy the original version of this toy, creepy eyes and all, but you might as well spring for the newer version. It doesn't have any special features, but the round, cutesy design is less likely to give kids nightmares.

10. The View-Master

This is one of the most striking transformations on the list. Forget clicking through tiny slides, the new View-Master is a fully functioning Virtual Reality headset designed with the help of Google. The high-tech goggles scan codes to load in different 3D experiences, no need to insert any flimsy paper wheels.

Click the next page to see what Beanie Babies look like today!

11. Tamagotchi

The original virtual pet has surprising staying power, and has never really left stores since it debuted in the '90s. It's a credit to the ingeniously simple idea that the newest version of this pocket-sized toy is just a re-release of the old version. The only difference is this time we have the skills to keep these little guys alive!

12. Transformers

Sure, they're a little uglier than the classic toys, but the newest Transformers are loaded with great details and accessories, plus some top of the line transforming technology. And now that the classic show has become a billion-dollar film series, adult fans can splurge on some truly stunning statues of their favorite characters.

13. Beanie Babies

This one is a shame. After Beanie Babies left stores, TY briefly introduced "Beanie Babies 2.0," which included online interactivity. Today, the only stuffed animals for Beanie-fans to pick up are Beanie Boos, which all feature ugly beach ball heads and bug eyes.

14. Fisher-Price Little People

These simple little figurines barely changed for decades after they came out in the 1960s, but today they have much more detail. If you grew up with the originals, these can seem like different toys entirely. For my money, the old version of the Farm Playset actually looks nicer.

15. Furby

What happened to the little guys? As the technology inside them got smaller they've slimmed down quite a bit. Newer Furbys also have huge swiveling plastic ears and glowing eyes. We'll let you decide if they've become more creepy or less.

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