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15 Stunning Colorized Photographs Of The World's Most Famous Faces

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Up until the 1970s, it was common practice to see photographs in a black-and-white form. While pictures became a staple decades long before in an effort to keep track of precious memories, there always seemed to be something missing: color.

Fast-forward to the present, we are now able to colorize even the world's most iconic snapshots with the help of modern day technology.

Below are some of the world's most famous faces in historic photographs, finally shown in a colorized format.

1. Pablo Picasso (date unknown)

Pablo Picasso
Boredom Therapy

2. Albert Einstein (1939)

Albert Einstein

3. Elizabeth Taylor (1956)

Elizabeth Taylor
Frank Worth

4. Nikola Tesla (1893)

Nikola Tesla
Danna Keller

5. Joan Crawford (1932)

Joan Crawford
Boredom Therapy

6. Henry Ford (1919)

Henry Ford

7. Clint Eastwood (1962)

Clint Eastwood
Boredom Therapy
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