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15 Royals Who Started Their Lives As Regular People

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9. Charlene Wittstock - Princess of Monaco

Robb Report

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly's son, Prince Albert II, fell in love with South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. The pair were married in 2011, and had a set of fraternal twins in 2014.

10. Mette-Marit Tjessem - Crown Princess of Norway


Tjessem first met King Harald's son Prince Haakon at Quart, Norway's biggest rock festival. They met again years later, when Tjessem had become a single mother, and started their royal romance.

11. Michiko Shoda - Empress of Japan


Shoda was tennis partners with Crown Prince Akihito in the 1950s, and he had to argue with his mother for permission to marry her. Shoda became the first commoner to marry into Japan's royal family. Emperor Akihito recently announced he'll be leaving the throne.


It must run in the family, because Shoda and Akihito's son, Crown Prince Naruhito, also married a commoner, Masako Owada. The prince reportedly proposed three times before Owada said yes.

12. Rania Al-Abdulla - Queen of Jordan

Daily Express

The queen of this Middle Eastern monarchy worked for Citibank and Apple before she married Prince Abdulla bin al-Hussein. The couple met in January 1993, and were married by June.

13. Meghan Markle - (future) Duchess of Sussex

The actress met Prince Harry last summer on a blind date, and the pair clicked almost immediately. We're already getting excited for their upcoming wedding.

US Weekly

Markle broke the mold for the British Royal Family in a number of ways, because she's already once-divorced and a Protestant.

14. Mary Donaldson - Crown Princess of Denmark


Donaldson was a real estate agent from New Zealand before she met Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik. The couple crossed paths at a bar in Sydney, Australia during the 2000 Olympics.

15. Marie Agathe Odile - Princess of Denmark


Another Danish princess with humble beginnings, Odile worked in marketing before a mutual friend introduced her and Prince Joachim. By her own account, Odile was actually very skeptical about marrying into royalty. Well, it's not for everyone.

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