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15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Costco

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When you absolutely need to pick up enough toilet paper, dish soap, and creamed corn to last until next year, Costco is the best place to shop.

It can be a little confusing wandering around that giant warehouse, but shoppers who know what to look for can find great deals. And Costco stocks items that you would never find in other stores.

Here are the 15 craziest things you can buy - if you have a membership, that is.

1. Cars

If the weight of all those 10-pound ketchup bottles you buy at Costco messes up your car's transmission, rest assured that you can buy a new one and be home in time for dinner. Costco offers discounts to members through local car dealerships. It won't fit in your cart, but a bargain's a bargain.

2. Johnnie Walker 1805 Blue Label

Don't put this on your shopping list, because you've already missed your once-in-a-lifetime chance. Only 200 bottles of this special reserve were ever made, and while most were distributed by Johnnie Walker, one found its way into a Costco with a shocking $20,000 price tag. If I saw that price, I would just keep on walking.

3. A wedding dress

You can find everything you need for a lavish wedding inside the bargain store, and if you're not picky you can get married there too. That's what a pair of Costco fanatics from Australia did, saying "I do" in front of 90 guests inside a Costco warehouse.

4. Four liters of hot sauce

We all know someone who pours on a little too much of the spicy stuff, but this is ridiculous. Right now it's only available through Coscto's Business Centre branches, but customers say they've spotted these huge containers in the regular stores.

5. A $900 cheese wheel

Yes, we know that it's aged parmigiana imported from Italy, but isn't Costco supposed to be a discount retailer?

6.  A chicken coop

Costco is actually eating into their own business with this one: once customers realize they can get their eggs at home, nobody will be buying them at the store. These coops come in a range of colors and styles to suit your tastes (or your chicken's, if they're demanding).

7. Coffins

A Saturday afternoon spent enjoying free samples with your family isn't the best time to contemplate your own mortality, but you never know what's around the next aisle. If you insist on picking out your own coffin, you might as well enjoy a hot dog (or two) at the same time.

8. Engagement rings

Remember that Costco wedding we mentioned earlier? For the complete romantic experience, you should pick up the engagement ring at the store. This $16,000 ring with three stones is actually pretty lavish. Just don't get down on one knee in the checkout lanes.

9. A year's worth of emergency food

Costco actually has a number of emergency food kits, but the must-have for Costco doomsday preppers is the In Case Of package. The $9,000 kit features a year's worth of freeze-dried food for a family of four. The meals are guaranteed to last for 25 years, but early reviews also warn that they taste kind of funky.

10. Vending machines

Here's a creative way to curb your family's snacking habit: charge them a buck for every candy bar, bag of chips, or soda can. Sure, $3,800 is a little pricey, but this thing practically pays for itself.

11. Sturgeon caviar

Another item that seems to clash with the brand's commitment to low prices. Each vacuum sealed tin serves seven to 12 people, but it will cost you $560, so it's not exactly an "everyday" snack.

12. An outdoor steam sauna

I'm not saying you don't deserve it, but your partner might have some questions if you come home with a $2,500 four-person sauna, instead of the milk and eggs you were supposed to pick up. Still, it's a great investment for those cold winter months.

13. A temperature-controlled wine station

You would need to buy a lot of wine to justify a metal safe that uses argon gas to cool your bottles to the perfect temperature. But if you can afford all those bottles, consider spending $5,000 on this bad boy. Don't think of it as a wine safe for your kitchen, think of it as a nice home for all your wine.

14. Vacations

If your weekly grocery shopping routine is getting you down, you can actually break out of the cycle at Costco. Just like with cars, Costco members can get discounts on pre-packaged vacations, including to Disneyland. It's worth checking for discounts the next time you plan a family getaway.

15. A 22-pound chocolate bar

If you're a serious chocoholic, keep your eyes out for these massive Cadbury bars that have been popping up in Costco. They're great for sharing. Or not.

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