15 Times Perfectly Good Food Caused A Traffic Jam


15 Times Perfectly Good Food Caused A Traffic Jam

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You know how spilling milk is a pain in the butt to pick up? Imagine having to clean up GALLONS of milk off the highway. No thank you.

These are the worst highway food spills in recent history.

1. Oreo Cookies

In 2008, a tractor trailer carrying 14 tons of Double Stuff Oreos overturned in Illinois. The driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the truck to slam into the median.

"The boxes came out of the trailer and boxes were ripped open," Illinois Police said.

2. Salad Dressing and Mayo

In 2016, a truck carrying salad dressing, mayonnaise and other food products overturned on a Toronto highway, closing the highway for an entire afternoon to clean it up. The driver was charged with careless driving.

3. Corn Dogs

The truck flipped on a highway in Louisiana, sending frozen corn dogs all over the place. It took 9 hours for crews to clean up the frozen, delicious mess.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate spill leaves highway a sticky mess

NOT THE CHOCOLATE! A tanker truck carrying 12 TONS of liquid milk chocolate overturned on a highway in Poland, causing a massive spill that closed the road for hours. 🍫 MORE: https://bit.ly/2FZLiSE

Posted by WSVN-TV on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Emergency workers in Poland received an usual call: they had to clear out 12 tons of chocolate that had spilled on a highway!

A tanker truck carrying 24,000 pounds of liquid milk chocolate overturned on the road after colliding with a traffic barrier. It ended up being a sticky situation for drivers, as traffic came to a complete halt. The road had to be closed for several hours for the cleanup.

5. Ketchup

42,000 pounds of Heinz Ketchup spilled onto the streets of Reno, Nevada. The city had to call in snowplows to clear the roads.

6. Raspberry Puree

In 2013, a truck FILLED with raspberry puree tipped over in Portland, spilling all its contents. The puree was on its way to make yogurt, but that obviously won't be happening.

7. Cranberries

52,000lbs of cranberries ended up all over a Wisconsin highway after the truck carrying them split open.

8. Lobster

Journal Pioneer

Over $500,000 worth of lobster fell to the roadside in Nova Scotia, Canada. Locals were given permission to come and take as many lobsters as they wanted.

"It's a free meal for somebody," said George Hopkins, himself a lobster fisherman. "I'm just going to give them away."

9. Frozen Pizza

Thousands of frozen pizzas landed on a highway in Arkansas. Though some thought they might be safe to eat, news outlets warned otherwise.

"The pizzas have been run over and many have diesel fluid on them, so there won't be pizza for dinner for any of us."

10. Sardines

A driver in Poland forgot to close the back door of his truck, letting 24 tons of sardines spill onto the road. Gross.

11. Watermelon

In 2012, a truck carrying 49,000lbs of watermelon crashed on a highway in Chicago, sending the summer treat flying.

12. Maple Syrup

Talk about a sticky situation. A truck full of maple syrup spilled all over a highway in Ohio on (get this) Buttermilk pike overpass. Yes.

13. Tomato Paste

In 2012, a flatbed truck of tomato paste spilled on a highway in California. It took shovels and street sweepers to clean up the extremely bloody-looking mess.

14. Ice Cream

40,000 pounds of Edy's Ice Cream tipped over in Indiana. The flavors were vanilla and caramel praline crunch. It was all up for grabs.

15. Doritos

Alright, so this one wasn't the road. But THOUSANDS of bags of Doritos washed up on the beach in North Carolina after a cargo ship lost one of its containers. The packaging was still airtight, so the chips were totally fine.

Do you think you'd eat food that spilled off a truck?

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