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15 Dog-sasters That Will Make You Realize You Are Not Alone

Anyone who owns a dog knows that it isn't always puppy kisses and cuddle-piles. Sometimes, owning a dog is a big mess and a lot of stress. Luckily, other dog owners are always ready to commiserate with you and share their equally awful experiences.

We love our dogs, of course we do, it's just that they are a lot of work and sometimes are capable of destroying so much stuff. Check out these epic dog disasters that will make you feel like you are not alone. If you don't already own a dog and are thinking about it, these should let you know what you're in for! Don't worry, it's not all bad. Dogs are basically the best thing on the planet, but everything comes at a cost.

Turkey Thief

"Thanksgiving 2016, Princess stole and ate an entire turkey leg off the counter. My mom found her with the bone. See how proud she is of herself?" said owner Netty Reid Everhart.

Gotta get those vitamins!

"When Blitz was young, he dragged a (250-count) bag of multivitamins outside, licked the coating off of every single one, and left the pills themselves lying on the grass otherwise intact," said Kristen Callais.

Charging up the dog

"When my sweet Taz was a pup, she rarely chewed anything besides her toys. Of the few things she chewed, her favorite was my $80 MacBook power cord. She chewed three," according do Jennifer Frank.

But love doesn't cost a thing

"Rufus told me what he thought of Capitalism. That, or money tastes good," Amy Hempe said of her dog.

Mr. Fix-it

"We tried to give Magnum his own room, to stay in while we were out shopping. He decided he didn't want to stay in that room after all and was anxiously waiting for us at the door when we got home," the owner of the DIY-dog, Patrick Greer, said.

Fish burps

"This guy (Garbaroo) as a puppy, once pulled my sister's bag of Omega-3s out of her purse and proceeded to eat them all, unnoticed. We wondered why his burps smelled like fish, then he puked up 100 pills in between the seats of our car. Thanks Garby!" Luckily, Melissa Paterson's dog was perfectly fine after his pill-popping incident.

Destroy your enemies before they destroy you

"This is Chewbacca "Chewie" Velociraptor Smith destroying his mortal enemy the Kleenex box," owner Adam Conner said.

Bad roommate situation

But that isn't all they are capable of. A dog's destructive power knows no end...

Nothing to see here...

"The first time we left Thor home alone, he destroyed some pillows. He then pretended to be asleep," Cristian Casares said of her stealthy dog.

Sorry Tax-man, my dog ate my taxes...

"My dogs, Biscuit and Gravy, ate my W-2's BEFORE I had my taxes done a few years back. I had to tape the pieces back together and file for an extension," said Lindsay Brown.

Escape Artist

"When Franklin turned two, I thought he might be able to handle a few hours by himself out of his crate. Turns out, he could! He wasn't crated for two months with no accidents - I was very impressed. One day, I came home from work during lunch to walk him. I walked inside to see that HE ATE MY COUCH." Jenna Francis said of her dog.

Pillow murder

"So I made this really pretty pillow with my grandma right before she left us, and it’s been about 5 years and today apparently while I was running to the store to get my pups ice cream, it exploded... it’s safe to say I’m glad my boxer didn’t die in the process... 🙄🤦‍♀️ R.I.P. pillow.... **note the large, full, box of DOG TOYS to the right." Tasha Moore joked about her experience with what was surely an unplanned pillow explosion that was of course not the dog's fault.

The worst optometrist ever

"I was getting ready for work and when I came out of the shower I found Magnus eating my glasses!" Terra Osborne's dog didn't like those glasses all along!

Impatient Puppy

"Barry Allen couldn't wait for me to get home to open his Petco delivery," Kevin Costley should probably have known his dog knew where the good stuff came from.

Christmas in July

"Rolly & Belle just wanted Christmas in July. Texas in the summer is just too hot!" To their credit, it looks like snow, so why wouldn't it be cold like snow?

Has your dog ever had a huge dog-saster at your home? Share it in the comments so other dog owners will know they aren't alone!

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