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15 Creative Gadgets That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Gadget Flow

The word "gadget" was originally a handy placeholder for another word that you couldn't remember.

That's fitting, because nowadays gadgets are products that solve problems we didn't even realize we had. The good folks at the Gadget Flow have curated some of the coolest, most cutting edge products to solve all kinds of everyday problems. (They're also giving away an iPhone X, enter here for your chance to win.)Here are 15 of our favorites:

1. ORII Voice Powered Smart Ring

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Even smaller than a smart watch, this handy device puts all the uses of a smart phone in the palm of your hand. It sends texts, makes calls, and sets reminders, all using voice commands. Plus it's splash-proof.

2. Chevalier Stemless Aerating Wine Glass

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The amateur sommelier in your life (that's French for wine snob) will get a kick out of these glasses with built-in aerators. Simply pour and enjoy the full flavor of your favorite wines. The stem-free design also helps prevent spills.

3. Ibis Volcanic Basalt Hanging Basket Chair

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Comfy, stylish, and environmentally friendly. This hanging chair is made from volcanic rock and natural resin, so it's lightweight but also very sturdy. The striking black color and unique design make this a perfect conversation piece for your living room.

4. Scewo Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Finally, a product that gives total mobility to the people who need it the most. The Scewo can pivot in place, climb stairs, and adjust to suit your height. The chair's large wheels, rubber grips, and self-balancing technology guarantee a safe and comfortable ride.

5. DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk

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We could all use a change of scenery now and then. With the DeskView, you can take your work anywhere and everywhere. It installs in seconds using high-quality suction cups and can easily hold your laptop. Great for the office, or for working on-the-go.

6. Kuvée Smart Wine System

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Take your next dinner party into the 21st century with this electronic system. The special dispenser keeps oxygen from touching your wine so it stays fresh for 30 days. You can even order refills and learn about your vintage from Kuvée's touch screen.

Here's a demonstration of how it works.

7.HP Z VR Backpack PC

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Virtual reality (VR) technology is the next big thing, and the HP Z setup lets you take the immersive experience anywhere thanks to the comfortable custom backpack. You can even play longer thanks to the bag's swappable battery system.

Keep reading for more cool gadgets, including a helpful robot...

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