18 Items From Amazon That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier, All For Under $25

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Amazon is a wonderful place. There is very little that you can't find while shopping on this massive online marketplace. But have you ever found yourself just perusing through the products listed, with no idea what you really want to buy, unsure of how much money you really want to spend on something?

Fear not, we have created a shopping list for you, complete with some pretty awesome "you shouldn't be without products." And the best part, you won't be spending more than $25 on anything you find here.

1. Multi-tool tactical hair clips.

Have you ever been out and about, and found yourself in need of a tool that you just don't carry around in your purse? The struggle is now over. With this multi-tool that you have clipped up in your hair, you will be able to get yourself out of any number of situations. Order yours today.


2. Herb scissors.

There is very little that is annoying as cutting up herbs with a single blade knife. Getting even pieces of green onion is near impossible, and when you are dicing up other herbs like dill, the mess that is left behind do to your incessant chopping makes cooking tedious. Save cooking and cleaning time with these five-bladed herb scissors. When you're done just swipe them through the cleaning comb before tossing them in the dishwasher. Easy.  

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3. Portable backup phone battery and charger.

It can be devastating when you are out and about when your phone suddenly beeps, telling you that you have less than five per cent battery life left. Standing next to a public outlet (if one is even available) isn't always an option, so what do you do? Hook up your phone to this portable external battery. It charges the same way as your phone, but it also hooks up to your phone to charge that battery for you. Never be unreachable again.


4. Removable grip and stand for your smart device.

As phones and tablets get bigger and heavier, holding onto them comfortably can be a challenge. Take the complicated out of your enjoyment. These removable hand grips (which also doubles as a stand) can make watching your favorite shows or videos or reading the latest news so much easier. And if you happen to be a selfie addict, this will make you far more prolific at it than you already are. You can get it in any number of colors and patterns.

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5. Magnetic phone mount for in your car.

Driving while using your phone has been scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of getting into an accident. By law, you can use your phone, but it has to be "hands free." This magnetic mount for your phone secures to your dashboard so that you can keep both hands on the wheel, and both eyes on the road. Hook your phone up to your Bluetooth and talk and drive safely, and in complete control.


Life is busy enough as it is, so we want to help you make it as convenient as possible to get everything you need to get done, done. The next page will help you keep your life organized.

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