28 Passive Aggressive Windshield Notes That Will Crack You Up

If you've ever driven a car then you have at least once gotten angry at another driver for not sticking to the rules.

Some drivers are so terrible that you've probably considered taking extreme measures like keying their car, but that's illegal, and of course, violence should never be the answer.

Instead, you end up venting your frustration under your breath or to the unlucky passenger accompanying you.

However, there are a few people that won't find peace until they've let the offender know exactly what they have done wrong and windshield notes are the best way for them to do so without serious consequences.

Here are 28 hilarious notes spotted on the windshields of poorly parked cars:

1. The person who doubted their grammar

2. The life advice

Blaze Press

3. The Angry British

4. The online curse

5. The parking instructions

6. The wannabe movie star

7. The sensitive car alarm

8. The coloring technique

9. The free condom

10. The polite printable note

11. The spunk trumpet

12. The "this could've been worse" approach


13. The melted ice cream


14. The dog flyer

15. The inconsiderate parkers prize

16. The "helpful" driver


17. The movie star

Harmony Central

18. Visual instructions


19. Seeing orange

Ninja Journalist

20. The polite request


21. The blind joke

Cyber breeze

22. Short but not sweet


23. A special ability

Pleated Jeans

24. Nightmare in the making

Pleated Jeans

25. Guilt trip

Parking Fails & more

26. The award winner

List 25

27. Yikes

List 25

28. The Carly Rae Jepsen fan

List 25

Have you ever given or received a hilarious windshield note?

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