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15 Penguins So Cute You'll Forget All About Cats And Dogs

Alright pop quiz: what's a penguin's favorite meal (besides fish, of course)? Burrrritos!

Now, what's black and white and black and white and black and white? A penguin rolling down a hill! That one was a little trickier. Here's another: what do you call a penguin in the desert? Lost!

Okay, my penguin humor isn't that great, but these photos of penguins being their adorable selves are. They're one of the most underrated animals: they're cute, sharply dressed, and come in more varieties than you can name.

Get better acquainted with these awesome birds by sliding down this list!

1. Somebody still has their winter coat on...

2. Peekaboo!

3. These fashionistas ditched their tuxes for sweaters

These penguins from Australia's Phllip Island wore sweaters to keep warm after a nasty oil spill.

4. Maybe he's born with it....

...maybe he's a Macaroni penguin.

5. "You alright?" "I'm fine."

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6. Such graceful creatures...

7. "Uh, buddy? I'm back here!"

8. "And then I ate a fish, and it was thiiis big!"

9. Never be afraid to stand out in a crowd

10. Did you realize penguins love to be tickled?

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11. Penguins never forget their friends

This penguin named Dindim swims 5,000 miles every year to thank the Brazilian man who saved his life. He stays in his home for 8 months before migrating back to Argentina.


12. "Say cheese!"

13. Looks like somebody left their tux at home

14. Nice trick, but can he jump through a hoop?

15. Penguins, they're just like us!

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