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15 Celebrity Lookalikes That You Will Be Convinced Are The Real Thing

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Everyone has that one star that they kind of, sort of look like, but these 15 people can't leave the house without being mistaken for a celebrity:

The real Barack is on the right.

1. Barack Obama

Jose Oliveira says the at least 15 times a day somebody stops him and asks to take a photo with the former president, but insists that "Barack Obama looks like me."

2. Taylor Swift

The real Taylor is on the left.Elle

Lots of people look a bit like the blonde pop star, but April Gloria makes a point of showing off how much she looks like the "Shake It Off" singer on her Instagram account.

Gloria's makeup tutorials teach her fans how to steal Swift's look.april_gloria / Instagram

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is on the left.Frazer Harrison

Copying the singer's signature hairstyles and iconic outfits, it's no surprise that Francesca Brown works as a Katy Perry impersonator.

A little easier this time, Katy is on the right.Estilo DF

4. Prince William and Kate Middleton

The fake royal family pose together.heidiagan / Instagram

Heidi Agan quit her job as a waitress after being repeatedly compared to the princess, and often appears alongside Simon Watkinson. The model has been dubbed "the world's best Prince William," which seems like an insult to the man himself.

Heidi is on the right.Chris Jackson / Slaven Vlasic

How about some '90s TV star lookalikes?

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