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15 Secluded Places Where You Can Truly Get Away From The World

If the hustle and bustle of life in the big city is getting you down, there's not much you can do. These days nearly every part of the planet is covered in cars, skyscrapers and noisy kids. So where are we supposed to go to find relief?

Thankfully there are still a handful of spots around the globe where you can hear yourself think, and if you can afford the plane ticket a nice, quiet getaway at any of these destinations will bring some much needed inner peace.

1. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

While there are a few thousand people living on the main island, there are 6 smaller islands nearby that are completely uninhabited. Ellidaey Island has just one building - a rest lodge for puffin hunters - with a fence around it, just in case any nosy neighbors move in.

2. Bishop Rock, UK

28 miles off the coast of Cornwall you'll find this tiny rock, the Guinness World Record-holder for the smallest island with a building on it. The views are great but be careful if you stay here, the original lighthouse was swept into the ocean by a wave.

3. Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

Called the "Tiger's Nest," this Buddhist temple clings to the mountainside 10,000 feet in the air. The temple, and the sacred caves it was built on, are the #1 tourist destination in this tiny kingdom.

4. House of Stone, Portugal

It looks like a Stone Age villa, and in fact that's exactly what it is. This house made from 4 boulders was a vacation home for many years, but now it's a tiny museum. Even though there's no power, we'd still love to live here like Fred Flinstone.

A look inside the house.AsianTown

5. Lukomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hidden high in the Alps, this village of stone houses shuts down completely during the winter, since the only way in or out is on skis. How cozy!

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6. Supai, Arizona

These days it's hard to go anywhere in America that's not just a short drive from somewhere else. We're so tied together with cell phones, highways and airports that everywhere seems close-by. The tiny village of Supai, with just 200 people, is the exception. It takes traveling on foot, riding a burro or flying in on a helicopter to visit.

7. Cliff House, Australia

Okay, so it's not real yet, but this concept by an Australian design firm is perfect for people who can't stand their neighbors. Plus imagine how many chores you can avoid: there's no gutters to clean, no grass to mow, and no snow to shovel!

8. Wordie House, Antarctica

It was once an old lodge for whalers, but now it's been rebuilt as a station for British researchers. It includes all the amenities of a real house - kitchen, living room - but also a dog room, because you'll need to sled back to civilization when you're ready to leave.

The decoration leaves something to be desired.Have Camera Will Travel

9. Just Room Enough Island, Canada

No points for guessing how this island got its name: at high tide the water of the Saint Lawrence River rises up to the front door, but when the tide is low you can set out a couple of lawn chairs in the shade of the island's only tree and kick back.

10. The Crystal Mill, Colorado

Built in the 1890s as a miniature power plant for a mining tunnel, the water-wheel had fallen off this old wooden building but the great views are still there. The mill is still privately owned, so if you're searching for a private getaway here in America, look no further.

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11. The Chess Pavillion, China

The needle-thin hiking routes atop Mount Hua are some of the most dangerous in the world, especially because there's a tradition of making the 6 kilometer hike at night, to finish as the sun is rising. Despite the danger, there's no better place to be alone with your thoughts than the Chess Pavilion, and its beautiful panoramic view.

12. Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Maldives

Yes, it's a resort. But it's a resort on a private island! With just 50 villas, there's lots of room for you to stretch out on the white sandy beach, enjoy your views of the water, or dive in and mingle with the wildlife inside the island's private reef. Sure, it's not as remote as the other locations on this list, but it has 5 star dining.

13. Villa Belza, France

Nestled into the coach of the beach-side town of Biarritz, this mansion was built by a French knight as a gift for his wife - what a guy! This villa is perfect either for when you want to be alone in your mansion or out on the beach with your friends.

14. Katshkhi Pillar, Georgie (Europe)

People have lived on top of this limestone pillar since the 9th century - but not very many at once, of course. The only building on top is a church and today there's just one monk living inside it (so he can be "closer to god"). Despite the small accommodations, the church includes a crypt and a wine cellar.

15. Meteora, Greece

The Greek name of this monastery literally means "suspended in the air," since that's how the buildings look suspended on these sandstone pillars and boulders. Unsurprisingly, the temples have been featured in lots of movies and TV shows, including the Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

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