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15 Stories That Prove Life Starts After 60

Whoever said an old dog can't learn new tricks must have been in their 20s, because the truth is the older you get the better you are at taking on new and exciting challenges.

Just because you're a little older and greyer than you once were doesn't mean you can't be a happy and healthy achiever, like the people in these 15 uplifting stories.

Remember: age is just a number and you're only as young as you feel!

1. This simple photo of a couple who are still deeply in love

2. This couple, who have been together for 37 years but only recently became fashion icons

People around the world have fallen in love with their matching style, and their Instagram account has over 500,000 followers.

3. These two, who love to joke around like they're still teenagers

4. Kimani Maruge was 84 years old when he enrolled in primary school

He was elected Head Boy by his classmates, and didn't stop attending school even while living in a refugee camp. He might actually be older, because his exact birthdate is unknown. His life was the inspiration for the movie The First Grader.

5. Minoru Saito sailed around the world by himself 8 times, including at age 77

His last trip was the most difficult, because he traveled West (against the wind). It took more than 1,000 days to circle the globe.

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6. Climbing Mount Everest isn't easy, but Yuichiro Miura (80) and Tamae Watanabe (73) both pulled it off

They each set the world records as the oldest man and woman to climb the world's highest mountain, but they also broke their own records that they had set years earlier.

Miura completed his second climb after having 2 heart surgeries, and during an earlier climb he actually skied down Mount Everest.

7. Reddit user CamaroNoir shared this story about their father, who got his degree at age 72

She says that her father is a Vietnam War veteran and a first generation college grad in the field of Environmental Horticulture and Design.

8. These lovebirds who are still going to games in their matching jerseys

9. At 61, Calvin Roberts is trying out to play in the NBA's summer league

Not many grandfathers play in the big leagues, but this pro who started his career in the '80s is still going strong.

10. Cleveland T. Wilson (70) surprised his girlfriend Lucinda Myers (67) with a proposal

Giana Snell Photography

The pair met at church, and they've been stuck together ever since.

"This woman is everything that I need at this point and time in my life, and I'm grateful to God for putting us together," Wilson said.

Giana Snell Photography

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11. These zoomers show that life can actually speed up as you get older

12. This happy couple dated in high school before drifting apart, 60 years later they realized their love was meant to be

You can read their full story here.

13. Until her death a few years ago, Doris Self was the world's oldest professional video gamer

Her career started in 1984 when she set the world's highest score for Q*Bert, before going on to beat her record several times, racking up more than 1 million points.

14. Gladys Burrill (aka the Gladyator) finished the Honolulu Marathon at the record age of 92, at a very reasonable time of 9 hours and 53 minutes

15. Harold and Francis Gate went back to school after 51 years of marriage

The couple wanted to learn how to build a website, so they enrolled in Lone Star College, where they graduated with a 4.0 GPA and were proud members of the honors society.

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