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15 Tattoos That Perfectly Capture The Mother-Daughter Bond

The relationship between mothers and their daughters are some of the most fulfilling (and frustrating) in life, so it's only natural that some women want to cement theirs forever with a tattoo.

Whether it's small and meaningful or silly and creative, each of these tattoos were chosen because they manage to perfectly sum up the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Check out this list and see if it gives you any ideas of your own!

1. This one says it all

2. If you grew up watching Winnie the Pooh this is perfect

3. Simple, sweet and meaningful

4. Sure it's a little corny, but who can resist PB&J?

5. These infinity symbols are small, but they represent a bond that never ends

6. This is "I love you" in American Sign Language

7. This variation on a Celtic knot is meant to symbolize the mother-daughter connection. Look closely, do you see the mom putter her arms around her daughter?

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8. This tattoo combines the Hebrew symbol for life with a semicolon. Semicolon tattoos show support for people struggling with depression and suicide.

9. Kristy says she grew up quoting these lines back and forth with her mom, just like a lot of kids

10. Birds of a feather flock together

11. For a mother and daughter who are cut from the same creative cloth

12. Just like moms and their daughters, matching tattoos don't have to agree

13. Perfect if those long-distance chats are a big part of your life

14. Who doesn't like elephants? Plus this design is really cute

15. Butterflies represent a relationship that's changed and grown over time to make something beautiful

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