15 Things You Never Knew About The Cast Of Blue Bloods

When Blue Bloods first started, no one could have predicted how popular it was going to become. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, the show definitely had the star power, but with so many cop shows on the air, it's hard to compete. With almost 9 million viewers each week, Wahlberg and Selleck brought a new look at the New York Police Department to audiences.

As the seasons move on, we fall more and more in love with the characters each day. But how much do you really know about the actors behind your favorite characters? Here are some facts about the cast of Blue Bloods.

1. Donnie Wahlberg Lost 43lbs For "Sixth Sense"

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In order to prove he was serious about acting, Donnie Wahlberg lost 43lbs to play Vincent Grey in The Sixth Sense. The role was originally written for a 13-year-old boy, but Wahlberg proved to M. Night Shyamalan that he was the only who who could play the role.

2. Tom Selleck's Voice Was Too High

When he was younger, Selleck was turned down for multiple roles because his voice was too high-pitched. Clearly, things worked out for him.

3. Hoops, Anyone?

Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, loves basketball so much that he tries to find courts around wherever the show is shooting. If he can find one, he'll shoot hoops in between scenes.

4. A Little Night Music

Len Cariou is an extremely well-loved member of the theater community. He's a member of the Theater Hall of Fame and has a Tony award for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd on Broadway.

5. Marisa's MTV Debut


Marisa Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez, began her career as a model and host of MTV's Senseless Acts of Video. In 2002, she landed the role of Gia Campbell on General Hospital and continued acting in soap operas until 2007.

6. Big Family

Though the most famous of the Wahlberg siblings are Mark and Donnie, there are nine other brothers and sisters: Robert, Paul, Arthur, Tracey, Jim, Scott, Debbie, Buddy, Donna, and Michelle.

7. Can't Fight The Moonlight


Bridget Moynahan's first big break was in Jerry Bruckheimer's cult-classic film, Coyote Ugly.

8. Bend It!


Will Estes is double-jointed. I wonder if they'll work that into the show any time soon?

9. Surprise Exit


When Amy Carlson chose to leave Blue Bloods, it left a lot of people shocked. Her character was ultimately killed off and it left a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths.

"We were all disappointed to see that she was going," Moynahan said. "It was unfortunate that she made that decision at the end of season 7, so we were stuck with the story line as we could get it."

10. Bad-Ass


In addition to being an actress, model, and new mom, Marisa Ramirez is also a kick-boxing teacher!

11. Finding Vanessa


Before she was Officer Edie Janko, Vanessa Ray was the original Nemo in the Broadway production of Finding Nemo.

12. Award Magnet

Tom Selleck has earned himself seven Emmy nominations and seven Golden Globe nominations. Most of them were for his role on Magnum P.I., but he also earned a nomination for his nine-episode stint on Friends.

13. Almost Indy

Tom Selleck auditioned with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas for the role of Indiana Jones, but ultimately they went with Harrison Ford.

14. Late Night

Amy Carlson's husband, Syd Butler, is the bassist in the 8G Band on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

15. O, Canada


Len Carious was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It wasn't until the 1960s that he left Manitoba and became a lead actor at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.


The cast is made up of unique, talented actors. Each week we get to grow, laugh, and cry with them. How lucky are we to have 8 seasons (and counting!) of Blue Bloods to enjoy?

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