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15 Times People Very Nearly Missed Being Hit By Vehicles

Driving a car is such a common thing in the modern world, we sometimes forget that these vehicles are steel and plastic death machines that are capable of doing some serious damage to everyone around them.

There have been plenty of documented cases where people have to scramble to not be hit by a speeding vehicle, and in the case of these 15, it's such a close call you'll have to gasp.

This Arizona man was able to evade a runaway car by sheer inches.

Same with these pedestrians who narrowly avoid being part of a much bigger accident.

Even gas pumps aren't safe!

And of course there's someone not being careful on their skateboard.

Be very careful when cutting between parked cars...

Even the police have to be careful sometimes.

Don't piss off Russian pedestrians...

Keep reading for more crazy near-misses...

At least he landed the backflip?

This poor squirrel is having the WORST day.

Don't rubberneck while driving by police, seriously.

Also be very, VERY careful when switching lanes.

Above all else, don't try to beat the train.


Sometimes it's not even people who have to be careful, but animals like moose.

Even the people who report these things need to be careful.

What's the closest you've ever come to being hit by a car?