15 Times Restaurants Went Way Too Far With Serving Food

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Businesses like to try new things to stand out among the competition and this is especially true for restaurants. In the last little while, we've seen Taco Bell release a fried chicken taco shell, Starbucks make headlines for their Unicorn Frappuccino and Arby's introduce its bacon-heavy Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwich.

But none of it is as wacky as the restaurants who choose to serve food on everything but a plate.

Here are 15 unconventional ways restaurants have served food:

1. Croquettes in a shoe

Footwear News

Las Vegas-based Jaleo is famous for serving their signature ham, chicken and cheese croquettes in a shoe. The demand was so high that the head Chef decided to create his own "food-safe serving shoe" made with resin and lined with wax.

2. Breakfast on a shovel

The Tickethall on the Isle of Man, U.K. serves its famous breakfast and brunch options on a metal shovel.

3. Drinks in a toilet


The Toronto-based poop-themed cafe serves food and drinks in toilet shaped dishes.

4. Dinner in a dog bowl

If you'd like to eat out of a doggie bowl then make sure to visit The Varsity Warwick Pub in Coventry, U.K. The "Dirty Dog's Dinner" comes in a stainless steel bowl filled with sausages, bacon, beans and fries.

5. Afternoon tea on a picnic table

Kate and Chelsie

The Garden Kitchen in the U.K serves its goodies for their picnic-themed afternoon tea on a small picnic table.

6. Dessert on an iPad


Quince, an upscale French restaurant in San Francisco serves truffles on an iPad.

"The iPad and the custom walnut box it rests in combine a little bit of gastronomy, technology, education and whimsy," Chef Michael Tusk wrote about the high-tech dish. "The removable plexi sheath is washed and sanitized after every use in keeping with all other plate ware," he added.

7. Spaghetti on a board

Heavy Table

Bunky's Cafe on the East Side of Madison, WI is a Mediterranean-Italian restaurant that serves spaghetti and meatballs on a large white cutting board so diners can eat communally.

8. Ice cream in a kitchen sink

At Angie's in Logan, Utah, brave souls can take on the kitchen sink challenge which entails eating a huge bowl of ice cream covered in toppings like chocolate sauce, syrup, nuts and whipped cream. As the name suggests, the 3-pound sundae is served in a stainless steel kitchen sink.

9. Cotton candy on a mannequin head

Los Angeles

Barton G in Miami is well-known for its unique creations like this dessert called Marie Antoinette's Head. The sweet treat includes bubblegum cotton candy on a mannequin head, slice of vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting, fresh raspberries and strawberries and whipped cream with cream cheese curls.

10. Appetizers on a ferris wheel

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs

At Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs, Orlando, the High Roller Platter is served on a rotating ferris wheel.

Have you ever seen food served on a cloth napkin? Keep on reading to see what that looks like.

11. Burger on a mouse trap

The Swedish Kiwi

Charley Noble, a hip restaurant in New Zealand, serves one of its burgers on a giant mouse trap.

12. Hors d'oeuvres on a napkin


Bhoga Restaurant in Göteborg, Sweden is a Michelin-starred establishment that serves some of its dishes on a napkin.

13. Spätzle(egg noodles) in an axe


Centimeter in Vienna, Austria serves a Lumberjack-inspired dish composed of traditional egg noodles in an axe.

14. Veal tartare on a horn


Dutch restaurant Meliefste serves one of its Michelin-starred dishes on a horn.

15. Shawarma in a bike


Grandmama's Cafe in Bombay, India, serves shawarmas in tiny tricycles.

Would you eat out of any of these items?