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15 Vintage Beauty Ads That Will Make You Ask "What Were They Thinking?!"

When you think of beauty products qualities like creativity, style and originality come to mind. These ads don't have any of those qualities.

Some of these are simply from a different time, but some will make you scratch your head and wonder why anyone ever thought this would sell makeup.

From caps that turn your shower into a costume party to bad breath so foul people run out of the room, there's something very questionable about each and every one of these ads.

1. "Yes, only Prell guarantees that men will sniff your hair like weirdos"

2. I'd rather not, thanks

3. This is all highly scientific

4. Really, who approved this?

5. It turns a boring old shower into a party!

6. This sounds exhausting

7. Panasonic's ads were so good they could sell hair dryers to bald women

8. Wow, they really went there

9. Have you ever had breath so bad people refused to be in the same building as you?

10. So do you eat this, or wear it?

11. "Tangee lipstick changes color faster than your husband changes his mind!"

12. Good thing this problem isn't around anymore...

13. It's hard to pick which part of this ad is the most ridiculous

14. It does?

15. Picking between nail polish and a hug from your dad? Maybe send this ad back to the drawing board

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