15 Viral Photos You Fell For, But Are Actually Fake

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I know it can be easy to believe everything you see on the internet, but it's probably best to check the truth before taking something as fact.

These pictures are proof.

Check out some of the most popular viral internet photos that are actually completely fake.

This photo of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor is completely fake, with both photos being taken separately and then merged into one. The photo of Monroe was taken in California in 1958, while the picture of Taylor was taken in 1948 in England.

While the location itself is real, the coloring has been manipulated to make it look like a 'fairy pool.'

You've probably seen this image of the "angolan witch spider." Well guess what? It doesn't exist. The original image is of a wold spider a man took a picture of outside of his home in Florida.

This picture has been dubbed "Castle House Island" and depicts a castle on top of a huge island above the water. It's actually a picture of an island in Thailand with part of a German castle photoshopped onto it.

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