15 Viral Photos You Fell For, But Are Actually Fake

I know it can be easy to believe everything you see on the internet, but it's probably best to check the truth before taking something as fact.

These pictures are proof.

Check out some of the most popular viral internet photos that are actually completely fake.

This photo of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor is completely fake, with both photos being taken separately and then merged into one. The photo of Monroe was taken in California in 1958, while the picture of Taylor was taken in 1948 in England.

While the location itself is real, the coloring has been manipulated to make it look like a 'fairy pool.'

You've probably seen this image of the "angolan witch spider." Well guess what? It doesn't exist. The original image is of a wold spider a man took a picture of outside of his home in Florida.

This picture has been dubbed "Castle House Island" and depicts a castle on top of a huge island above the water. It's actually a picture of an island in Thailand with part of a German castle photoshopped onto it.

Please tell me you didn't fall for the "moon melon" which was claimed to be a Japanese fruit which changed flavors as you ate it. It's just a picture of a regular piece of watermelon that was color blue.

This image of a 50 foot long giant squid went viral for the sheer shock value. It's actually a photoshopped image from when a humpback whale washed ashore. Unless all the same people happened to be there...

In 2005, a lion got a cat scan. Then the internet got a hold of the picture and photoshopped it to look like this is how the MGM logo was filmed.

This "rare" black lion doesn't exist at all. I mean, there have been reported cases of them. But this particular image is just a manipulated image of a white lion, which is equally as beautiful.

That's not it, either.

This pilot went viral for his "sky selfie" when in fact, it was taken on the ground and photoshopped. It would have to be a pretty strong selfie stick to survive at that height and speed. Not to mention it's probably a bad idea to open your window that high above the clouds.

This one is still controversial. It's well-known that Heath Ledger loved to skateboard between takes on set, but this image of Ledger skateboarding over Christian Bale's character is believed to be fake. However, it is still plausible.

This image of George W. Bush reading a book upside down is incorrect. The photo from the Associated Press shows Mr. Bush holding the book properly.

The iconic picture of National Geographic photographers running away from a bear never happened. Well, they did run. But the bear was added in later as a joke to show their families.

This picture of a British Navy diver was deemed "photo of the year", but it ended up being a composition of two completely different pictures.

This "frozen spider web" image went viral, but it's actually a cropped image of an ice sculpture by Michael Kaloki and Timo Koivisto.

This horse that seemingly spelled "horse" is not a thing. It was digitally manipulated for a "Spell it Out" photoshop competition.

Had you fallen for any of these pictures?

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