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16 Dads Who Might Regret Letting Their Daughters Give Them Makeovers

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Being a good father is very important. A child will remember the things you would never expect, so sometimes it's worth it to let loose and be a little bit silly.

These dads knew that letting their kids put makeup on their faces or bows in their hair would give them some special bonding time with their kids. Even though they looked a little bit silly, these 16 dads weren't afraid to show off the special looks their kids gave them.

1. Sometimes you have a lot of daughters and they win.

2. They start early

3. Really early.

4. They don't care WHAT hair you let them play with... any will do.

5. Just accept that it will happen

6. Think of all the fun secrets and memories you will share!

7. Who knows, maybe they will help you find your new look!

8. They just want you to look your best!

These daughters are real experts. Check out the next page for more hilarious Daddy-Daughter bonding time!

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