16 Photos That Will Creep You Out Even If You Don't Believe In Ghosts

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What happens to us after we die? Do we enter into a state of nothingness? Or do we stay put, spiritually bound to this earth, "haunting" those that live on after us as ghosts?

I myself am neither a skeptic, nor a believer. I need to be "punched in the face" with proof before I lean one way or the other. That being said, there is plenty of evidence that supports both ideas, in principle. These 16 photographs taken by ordinary people allege to have captured spiritual beings not of this earth. I'll leave it up to you to judge for yourself. Regardless of what you think, I believe that we can all agree that most of these are beyond creepy.

1. Look in the background.

This picture was taken by a young woman who was hanging out with her little cousins. There was no one in the background when she snapped the photo.

2. Check please.


This photo is allegedly from the 1950s, snapped after a nice family dinner. I think it's safe to say that they would have noticed someone hanging upside down from their ceiling.

3. Look carefully at the ladder...

Two friends were hanging out along in a house when this picture was taken. When they went back to look at the photo they noticed a mans head floating in air framed by two rungs of the ladder.

4. Uninvited guest.

That old man that you can clearly see in the background was not gathered for this picture of grandparents hanging out with their grand-kids.

5. Not-so-abandoned school.

A small-town resident went to snap some pictures of an old elementary school before it was torn down. When he uploaded the pics he realized he had captured more than he had intended.

6. Demon in the hospital?


This image was captured on a nurse's monitor in a hospital. Clearly this figure wasn't in the room "physically" as it is something that would have been noticed. Allegedly the patient in question died shortly after this image was captured.

7. Eyes in the back of your head?


This "old-fashioned" mirror selfie captured a little bit more than intended by the photographer. Notice the second face with demonic yellow eyes staring out from behind the woman's dark hair.

8. The face in the window.

This picture seems to capture the face of a little girl staring out at people through a first floor window. People who were present for this photo say that there is a story that a little girl died in front of that specific window.

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