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16 People Who Should Apply Ice To That Social Media Burn

The Internet is a magical place. Where else would you get to see people called out on their shenanigans 24/7? These people would know a thing or two about that...

1. Don't say "we" if you don't mean "we."

3. Maybe she means she's gonna nap on the dance floor? Nah, I got nothing.

4. Ever heard of a pen name?

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5. Those pesky mobile phones that don't make phone calls!!

6. Always important to tip yourself...with your own money.

7. Science! Always debunking the best pictures!

8. There's such thing as a selective vegan, isn't there?

9. Libraries are all over now. It's totally possible there's a library on a phone.

10. Mother knows best.

11. Rick, Nick. Same thing.

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12. This is what rock bottom looks like.

13. Clearly the test did not involve math or reading. Also, "an below average"?

14. "Didn't mean to post it" but still managed a whole caption.

15. Rule #1 of Facebook: don't post things you don't want literally everyone to see.

16. Rule #2 of Facebook: don't post things people can easily fact check.

Which one was your favorite?