17 Lawn Signs You'll Wish You Had Thought Of First

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17 Lawn Signs You'll Wish You Had Thought Of First

We've all seen a garage sale sign, right? Or those tiny no solicitor signs reminding door-to-door salespeople that unless they're visiting to drop off a giant check, they're not welcome.

However, these people have taken lawn signs to a whole new level, and it's almost guaranteed you've never seen anything like them!

Scroll through the funniest lawn signs and see if you'd put any of them on your yard!

1. Anything for thin mints.

2. The first step is admitting there's a problem.

3. Can I still get the reward if I don't bring you the keys?

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4. That's one way to get someone's attention.

5. One man's treasure...

6. Luann and Vivian should probably watch their backs. Hell hath no fury...

7. Might be worth it if you don't have air conditioning on a hot summer day!

8. I need to get one of these! And a grandson, too.

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9. He doesn't look happy about it!

10. Is it wrong that I want to go see what a "psycho grandma" would be selling?

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11. Cheaper than Target??

12. I don't know about you, but I certainly won't be taking my chances!

13. Did you check in the sewers with all the other Ninja Turtles?

14. At least he apologized!

15. The fact that they even needed to clarify makes me think they're lying.

16. If they aren't offering replica face tattoo face painting I'll be disappointing.

17. I'm glad she can profit off her misery!

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