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17-Year-Old Babysitter Went Above And Beyond To Save The Lives Of The Kids She Was Watching

As a parent it is hard to leave my children in the care of people who don't belong to our family. Even though I had a string of babysitters as a young child who were great people, I still wonder if they would have been willing to face danger to save my life, or now, my children?

One family in Coweta County, Georgia can put that question to bed. They had left their two-year-old twins in the care of 17-year-old Hailey Arnold before going out for the night.

One of the twins came running to get Hailey to show her that there was a fire in the playroom.

Hailey went running to the playroom and saw that a mattress was on fire and that the room was starting to fill with smoke. The other twin was in a small bounce-house, trapped as it to started to fill with smoke.

"He was screaming; he was like 'Hailey help'," she said.

Hailey then grabbed both children, rushing them out of the house to safety. She then went back into the house in an attempt to put the fire out, which based on the photo above, you can see she was unsuccessful.

In the end there were no injuries, but the house was completely destroyed, even as firefighters fought the fire from the ground and the air. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Miss Arnold is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of the boys in her care.