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18 Dogs That Will Convince You Once And For All That Fall Is The Best Season

Fall is the best season, don't even try to argue. We get pretty colors, sweater weather, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

If you don't believe my logic, just ask every single dog in the world if they like fall the best. The answer is absolutely.

1. Like this dog, who can't wait to run and tell you fall is here!

2. Or all of these dogs, who got confused when you said summer was better.

3. And this husky, who will lay right here in these crunchy leaves until you agree with him.

4. Or this dog, who is breathing in the beautiful autumn air.

5. What about this little pupper, who just wants you to go pumpkin picking with him?

6. This guy, who is testing your hide and seek skills.

7. Look how sad this lil' pug is that you said spring is the best season!!

8. This dog would like to remind you that long walks in the autumn weather are the best.

9. What about this puppy who just wants to bring you the world's best leaf?

10. This boxer is reminding you of all the amazing fall fashion!

11. So is this one.

12. And this one.

12. How could you forget about Halloween?

13. Dogs love Halloween!

14. They also love leaves.

15. Like, a lot.

16. Some might say they love them TOO much.

17. But we don't think that.

18. But no one loves leaves more than this husky.

Are you (and your dog) ready for fall? Let us know!