18 Photos That Prove Life With A Big Sister Is Great/Awful

Anyone lucky enough to grow up with a big sister knows that they are a blessing and a curse. You'll never have a more fierce protector, or a more diabolical torturer. If you have a big sister you have a mini-mom, best friend and arch-nemesis all rolled into one.

I grew up with three older sisters, so I'm something of an expert on the subject. I've compiled a complete list that anyone with a big sister is going to relate to...a lot.

They Used To Think You Were Cute

Our sisters love us, but they're also annoyed by us. Not always though, in fact when we were brand new to this world no one but mom and dad loved us more than her. Our sisters immediately bonded with us, and good luck separating her from us.


It Didn't Last

Team Jimmy Joe

This is especially true if you're the second-born baby, but once your sister realized she wasn't going to be the center of attention, she probably began looking at you a little differently. Her jealousy would be quickly replaced by something else though, for better or worse.


We Were Their Favorite Toy

Once we got out of that super vulnerable baby stage we became like a real-life doll to our beloved sister.


More often than not it probably got them in a lot of trouble, but that was naturally our fault. Besides, we love playing with our sisters, even if we can't defend ourselves.


If any of you guys say your big sister never dressed you up, you're lying. We all know it, and this is a safe space so just come clean, you'll feel better. Dressing up with your sister wasn't just a game they could play either; mom and dad did too, sometimes it was even cute.


And other times it annoyed the heck out of her.


They Are A Mini-Mom

One undeniable thing we share with our sisters is that we have the same parents, and like it or not we all see our parents in our siblings. That can be a good thing when you have a big sister, because when mom isn't around "mini-mom" steps in.


As a life long little brother, there's a lot of comfort to take in having spare moms. Life gets busy, but there's nothing like being able to lean on someone you know loves you unconditionally.


Of course there's some downsides too.

They Caused Your Trust Issues

No matter how much they put us through, we can't help idolizing our older sisters. They've seen more, done more and we don't know what life is like without them. That is something that every big sister has taken advantage of at least once, and it probably got us both in a lot of trouble.


Or maybe just scarred us for life. Note: never trust a hose or drink for you by a sister.


If you had more than one sister you had it extra rough. Especially those few times they stopped fighting each other and turned their eyes on us.

My Childhood

Fight With You, And For You

Once playtime was over you knew your sister had your back. As much as she'd fight with you, if anyone ever laid a finger on you they had to answer to her. No one makes her sibling cry but her!


If we ever needed comfort they were there too, and that's even more true now than ever before.


And when it comes to the rest of your family, you know that your sister knows where you're coming from. Your crazy uncle, weird cousin and, of course, embarrassing father, your sister knows all of them, and probably agrees with how you feel.


Best-Friends Forever

Having a big sister means having a best friend for life. Someone you can fight with, confide in and rely on. No one is going to be happier for you than your sister, no one will expect more for you, or be more honest with you.


They'll be the second happiest person on your wedding day, and your shoulder to cry on in hard times.


Here's to all the big sisters our there! Share with yours if you have them.