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18 Traffic Signs You Don't See Every Day

Stop signs, yield signs, even "curves ahead" signs...these are all common sights for any city. But there are always jokesters out there who try and make things a little more interesting! Not saying we don't appreciate them...but when it comes to street signs, it can make things a little messy.

1. I'll make sure to balance the dial riiiiiight in between.

2. Is this the show everyone has been talking about?

3. I'm gonna need you to be more clear, please.

4. The correct spelling is literally right there.

5. Did this need to be said?

6. How fast were people peeing that this needed to said?

7. At least there's parameters.

8. I hope there's a sign next to this one explaining the different.

9. Maybe throw up a fence?

10. Is it drive-thru surgery?

11. If you can read this, it's probably too late.

12. Did my 12th grade math teacher post this...?

13. Sounds like marriage, honestly.

14. Does that not count as a name?

15. Where can I get one of these?

16. Can I have some waffles, though?

17. Well this is rude.

18. I'm sorry, but I don't think that's what "free" means?

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