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19 Dog Photos Every Mom Can Relate To

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Moms - we can say with authority - do not get enough credit for everything they do. Aside from the fact that none of us would even exist without one, they do all the hard work of keeping everyone in their family happy and healthy.

As it turns out, motherhood in the animal kingdom is very similar. Loving parents are protective, adorable and exhausted, whether  they're humans, elephants or dogs.

To prove just how much we have in common with canines, we've collected 19 photos that will be very relatable to anyone who's done the hard work of raising a family.

1. That exciting feeling when you take your maternity photos...

2. ...compared to taking your newborn photos

3. When your kids fall asleep in your arms

4. Then it's naptime for mommy too

5. But your new sleep schedule will take some getting used to

6. Volunteering to take the neighborhood kids to the park

7. Realizing you don't have everything under control like you thought

8. Then later you take the kids home, but they STILL have energy

9. That's when you need some quiet a different part of the house

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