19 Fast Food Fails That Will Convince You To Eat In More Often

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There's no denying that fast food workers get a bad reputation that they don't all deserve. Most of the people at these restaurants work hard to make sure your food is hot, fresh and delicious.

But sometimes, as you'll see, they have a little trouble with the small details. We've all gotten one less chicken nugget than we were supposed to, or a burger that wasn't very warm, but these fast food fails are on another level entirely.

While some of these mistakes are pretty funny, they're only amusing when they happen to other people. Try and imagine how you would react to finding one of these meals in your takeout bag.

1. Where's the beef?

2. So close, just a little to the right and this would be perfect

3. I guess the instructions weren't very clear

4. A little something extra with your sandwich?

5. "Would you like honey garlic, sweet and sour, or industrial floor cleaner?"

6. I guess this is technically a chicken sandwich...

7. This wrap was half price

8. Someone was snacking on the job

9. I never thought I would turn down fries, but....

10. Did you know McDonald's sells mozza sticks in the UK? Well, kind of...

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