19 Things That Have Names, But You Probably Didn't Know It

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It's impossible to know every single word in the English language. But there are words for things we use almost every day and have no clue what they are.

These are some things you had no idea there was a name for.

1. Philtrum

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That little grove between your nose and lip actually has a name, and it's not "that little grove."

2. Nibbling

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No, it's not a snack. Nibbling is a gender-neutral term for either a niece or nephew.

"I'm going to visit my nibblings today."

Or, if you're going to be an aunt or uncle but don't know the sex of the baby:

"I'm buying gifts for my nibbling!"

3. Nurdle

That little blob of toothpaste has a name, and that name is nurdle.

4. Petrichor

The favorite smell of many people, petrichor refers to the scent of nature after a rainfall. While some people think this scent is fake, it's a real thing and it smells heavenly.

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