19 Old Timey TV Intros That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

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Watching TV decades ago was so much different than it is now. Even just in terms of the experience, there was no fast-forwarding commercials or flipping channels mindlessly. If you wanted a channel changed, you got off your butt and did it yourself.

The content of TV shows seems much better from years ago, as well. It was entertaining, family friendly, and used creative story lines to keep the audience captivated. The theme songs, to me, were the best part. It got me so excited for the next 30 minutes! Once I heard those first few words, I knew it was going to be a night of fun.

These are some of our favorite vintage TV show theme songs we can't hear without being transported to the past!

1. The A-Team

2. Petticoat Junction

3. Bewitched

4. Three's Company

5. Happy Days

6. Mash

I bet you didn't remember some of the ones coming up!

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