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19 Wind Chimes To Make Your Yard Beautiful

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any yard. Whether you make your own or buy one from a store, they can provide wonderful music any time of the year.

These are some of our favorite wind chimes that you can get to make your porch sound and look amazing!

1. Crystal Chandelier

2. Brass Money-Drawing Chime

3. Color-Changing Mobile Chime

4. Tuned Aluminium Wind Chime

5. Tuned Moon Wind Chime

6. Capiz Shell Wind Chime

7. Peacock Glow Chime

8. Creative Butterfly Chime

9. Copper Bell Chime

10. Antique Bamboo Chime

11. Santa Fe Glass Wind Chimes

12. Recycled Beads and Metal Chime

13. Bird's Nest Bell Chime

14. Color Changing Hummingbird Chime

15. Seaglass and Driftwood Chime

16. Tuned Wind Chime

17. Metal Chime

18. Rainbow Bead Chime

19. Heavenly Angels Chime

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