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19-Year-Old-Cat Was 'Unwanted,' But When They Save Him He Can't Stop Purring

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Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

When a couple found this stunningly sweet 19-year-old cat at a kill shelter, they knew he wouldn't last long. The senior kitty quickly went home with them and he hasn't stopped purring since.

Say hello to Archmage Shabadoo!

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas, knew that she and her husband could provide the perfect home for Archmage.

The old boy had been dumped at a high-kill shelter because his former family didn't want him anymore.

"He was left at a shelter to be euthanized because his previous family was moving," Karyn told Love Meow.

Thankfully, Poplin and her husband arrived just in the nick of time!

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