This Old Camper Hasn't Been Touched In Over 60 Years

It usually takes a lot to maintain a big investment over the decades like a car or home. Being exposed to the elements can take its toll on paint, finishings and wear away at the structure.

This camper however, is clearly the exception. Despite never being renovated, it has never stopped looking brand new. Take a peak and you will be hard pressed to believe it's over 50 years old.

This camper van is so well-preserved, it's like a giant time capsule from the '50s.

While it may not look like much from the outside, it has never been renovated since the 1950s, but it was definitely meant to be lived in.

Even after more than five decades, all the appliances are still functioning! Things were really meant to last back in the day, so this is really no huge surprise.

They even had all the bells and whistles of a double sink and an apartment-sized range. This kitchen is still bigger than some Manhattan apartments.

The camper even has room for two full beds in the bedroom. With cute decor, you can relax and unwind before drifting off to sleep. What more could you want from your camper?

The living area has space for four people to sit. Three on the couch, and one on the chair, but let's be honest, we can all picture ourselves stretched across that entire couch!

The bathroom also has everything you need, with a toilet, sink and full bath tub. You can even open the windows to let the extra heat out while you shower!

But seriously, how does this tub look so new after all this time?

It may surprise you to find out the answer.

Unlike most campers now, you don't have to duck and struggle to move around inside.

Nearly untouched since 1953 this Vagbond trailer still has its original birch paneling, appliances and furniture.

Originally owned by a couple, they lived in the space for a few years and then put it into covered storage for three decades.

It was then sold to a new buyer who did a little cleaning, added some new tires and this classic vintage piece came back to life. Worth $75,000 can you imagine cruising the town in this great piece of history?

Even at night, the camper looks extravagant, and makes you want to do some stargazing in a remote area, with the comfort of home just feet away.

It's really amazing how well this vintage camper has been maintained. Share with someone that can appreciate cool vintage items!

Source: Boredom Therapy / Wide Open Country