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2-Year-Old Wakes Up After Doctors Told Parents To Turn Off Life Support

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An Easter miracle has occurred after a toddler woke up the day after doctors told his parents to take their son off life support.

Two-year-old Dylan Askin was rushed to the Queens Medical Hospital in Derby, England on Christmas Day 2015, after his parents, Kerry and Mike, realized he had trouble breathing. It would later be discovered he had a collapsed lung.

Further tests conducted by specialists showed Dylan's lungs were 80% covered in cysts, which revealed he had contracted a one-in-ten-million diagnosis of pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis (PLCH).

Doctors were convinced the toddler wouldn't survive the exceptionally rare lung cancer, and his family decided to have the little boy christened at his hospital bedside on Good Friday 2016.

On the advice of Dylan's doctors, his parents decided to turn off their son's life support machine, since there was no sign he was getting better.

"On Good Friday they told us things were looking bleak and that we weren’t going to get him back," Kerry said.

"All the settings on all the machines were at their highest and he was still struggling. We had him christened, all his family came from all over to say goodbye, including his big brother," the mother-of-three continued. "I was devastated. I hadn’t slept for days building up to it. I was crying all the time."

"They had actually closed off part of the unit so we could both stay with him overnight because [they] thought he could go at any minute. All the while we were singing to him and talking to him and saying goodbye," she added.

When medical staff began withdrawing Dylan's medication and started to sedate him, his heart rate dropped to normal levels and he had began to regain his strength.

Dylan's health had miraculously improved.

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