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In Case You Missed It, The Duggars Adopted A Kid

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The world remembers when Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar publicly announced the miscarriage of their 20th child, Jubliee Shalom Duggar. The miscarriage caused controversy for many reasons. Some criticized Michelle for having a baby at 45 years old, especially with 19 other kids at home who need her. There was also controversy when the images of Jubilee's funeral program surfaced and the 20th Duggar baby's limbs were featured.

This was Michelle Duggar's second miscarriage. She was pregnant with her second child after taking oral birth control and miscarried a son, whom she named Caleb. Duggar cites this as the reason she no longer believes in birth control, and says it was her punishment for not leaving her kids "up to God."

After the death of Jubilee, Michelle Duggar decided more kids would put her family at risk and decided it was time to stop at 19 kids. However, in November of 2016, the Duggar family officially announced they had adopted a 20th child, something not many people saw coming.

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