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20 Of The Most Beautiful Homes In America You'll Wish You Could Live In

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If money was no object and you could buy your dream home today, what would it look like? Odds are it would be pretty close to one of these 20 dream homes.

They say that money can't buy taste, but the millionaires and billionaires who owned these houses sure had style. Which one of these do you dream of living in?

1. Vaile Mansion

If you love the Addams Family, this spooky 19th century home from Independence, Missouri is for you. Most of the original interior decorations are still in good condition.

2. Villa Vizcaya

For a tropical getaway you can't do much better than this Miami mansion, which boasts a beautifully manicured topiary garden.

3. Mount Vernon

This national landmark from Fairfax County, Virginia was George Washington's family home, and tourists visit it daily just as they did in the 1790s. It's still impressive more than 200 years later.

4. Oak Alley Plantation

The most striking feature of this historic home is the 800 foot oak tree-lined walkway, which was actually built after the rows of trees were already planted.

5. Lyndhurst

The home of railroad baron Jay Gould, this New York mansion played the haunted castle in a number of 70s monster movies.

Looking for something a bit more glamorous? The next house is just the thing...

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