20 Outrageous Demands Celebrities Have In Their Contracts

Being a star means you get exactly what you want, but while most of us would be happy with a nice dressing room and some snacks, actual celebs get very demanding.

Here are 20 of the weirdest requirements they've put in their contracts:

1. Selena Gomez

Right now the Disney star and pop singer is recovering from her recent kidney transplant, but when she was filming an Adidas commercial in 2014 she made an unusual request. Gomez had just split from longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber, and requested that no one on set even mention the name "Justin." Reportedly, Justins on the crew had to change their names until the shoot was finished.

2. Van Halen

These '80s rockers set the high bar for weird contract demands when they famously specified that their dressing room needed "M&M's (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES)." It turns out the candy demands were a way to protect the band's safety.

Lead singer David Lee Roth explained that there was a lot of huge, dangerous and highly technical equipment involved in their shows. If a venue was set up incorrectly it could put the band in danger. The hidden rider about M&Ms in the contract gave the band an excuse to walk away from a dangerous situation, no questions asked.

3. Will Ferell

For his comedy tour promoting the movie Semi-Pro, this SNL star unleashed his inner diva with some special requests. He asked for a three-wheeled electric scooter, a "Janet Jackson-style" headset microphone, a "rainbow on wheels," a set of rolling stairs and an artificial tree at each venue.

4. Katy Perry

Along with some hard and fast rules about flowers for her dressing room ("ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS") the pop star has a few special directions for her limo drivers.

"1. Driver must stay behind steering wheel at all times. 2. The Driver will not start a conversation with the Client. 3. The Driver will not talk to the Clients, Guest or Fans. 4. The Driver will never assume. Always ask if in doubt." Also: "do not stare at the backseat through rear-view mirror."

5. Clint Eastwood

The iconic actor had two requests when he shot The Outlaw Josey Wales: that his girlfriend Sondra Locke would get a part in the film, and that Eastwood himself would replace Phillip Kaufman, the director and Locke's other romantic interest. The kerfuffle over the swap introduced the "Eastwood Rule" used by film studios today: a director will never be replaced by the movie's star or producer.

Apparently our favorite Family Feud host can be very demanding...

6. Steve Harvey

The talk show host made headlines when a roudhgly-worded memo he sent to his staff was leaked to the media. "I want all the ambushing to stop now," he wrote. "Do not approach me while I'm in the makeup chair unless I ask to speak with you directly." He also warned them to "expect to be removed" if they open his door without knocking. But he seems so friendly on Family Feud!

7. Cher

Once a diva, always a diva. The singer actually keeps things pretty low-key in her dressing room, but she requires concert venues to provide an extra room to hold all of her expensive wigs, most of which are made from real human hair.

8. Mariah Carey

Where to begin? Carey famously said she is "incapable of being in the real world," and we believe her. She requires her dressing room to have carpeting, no harsh lighting, drapes around the perimeter, and the whole room should be kept at exactly 75 degrees.

Next, you'll need to make sure there's an extra power source for her hair and makeup area, dozens of bottles of different juices, Gatorade, soda and protein shakes. And don't forget two bouquets of white roses and four vanilla scented candles - specifically from Jo Malone.

9. Jennifer Lopez

"Jenny from the block" isn't afraid to get demanding in her contracts. Her main obsession is the complete lack of color in her dressing room (she finds colors distracting). She insists on only white flowers, white tables, white drapes, white candles and white couches.

10. Christina Aguilera

Apparently this Voice judge is very health-conscious. She expects her dressing room to be stocked with soy milk and soy cheese, Echinacea, vitamin C, and Flinstones chewable vitamins. I guess it's hard to stop at Rite Aid during a world tour.

11. William Frawley

I Love Lucy fans will remember Frawley as the Ricardos's neighbor Fred Mertz. Frawley was a lifelong baseball fan, and he took his support for the New York Yankees very seriously. He demanded to get time off if the Yankees made the world series in October, which happened 7 times while the show was taping.

In fact, Fred was written out of two episodes of Lucy just so Frawley could catch his team in the playoffs.

12. Prince

The eccentric singer asked to have a doctor backstage in case he needed to administer a B-12 injection before the show, along with some relaxing scented candles. But the most important requirement is that everything backstage be covered in cling wrap until Prince could unwrap it himself.

13. Mary J. Blige

Like America's Got Talent host Howie Mandel, Blige likes to avoid germs at all costs. With that in mind, she asks every venue to provide her dressing room with a fresh toilet seat. I can actually get behind this request!

14. Lindsay Lohan

When the Freaky Friday star split with Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov, a Russian talk show hoped for a juicy interview to discuss what went wrong. But the list of requirements Lindsay sent back made them call the show off altogether.

She expected a private jet with a personal salon on board (including a hairstylist, makeup artist and manicurist) as well as a one year Russian Visa, a penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton and a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

15. Paul McCartney

The singer/songwriter likes his dressing room the same way as his meals: all vegan. He strictly forbids animal print furniture - even if it's fake. He also asks for no limos with leather seats.

16. Weird Al Yankovic

The comedy musician is famous for his collection of tacky shirts, and they actually figured into his contracts. Yankovic requested a new Hawaiian shirt at each stop on his tours, and wound up with hundreds in his closet before he eventually took the clause out.

17. Jackie Gleason

"One of these days writers, BAM, right to the moon!" The star of the Honeymooners had a famously bad relationship with the show's staff. They were forbidden from speaking to him, and asked to just slide Gleason's script under his dressing room door instead.

18. Leo Messi

The global soccer star (and recent newlywed) obviously has a taste for luxury. He once requested a hotel suite with a basketball hoop, three jacuzzis (two hot, one cold), a personal maid and a pool kept at 82.4 degrees precisely.

19. Iggy Pop

For his 2006 world tour, Iggy Pop asked concert venues to entertain him before each show. They had the choice of providing a Bob Hope impersonator, seven dwarves dressed up as the Disney characters, or a belly dancer.

The rocker also had a special request about the dressing room itself. He wanted it to be designed by "a homosexual artist," and it should be filled with British newspaper articles about morbidly obese people. Don't ask us why.

20. Steve McQueen

When McQueen was cast in the classic disaster movie The Towering Inferno, his first priority was making sure co-star Paul Newman didn't steal the show. He required the writers to make sure that their characters had an equal number of lines, and insisted that his name should be on the left side of the poster, so people would read it first.

Whoever actually designed the poster seems to have gotten the last laugh, because they managed to give Newman a "leg up" in the competition and made his portrait higher up than McQueen's.

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