20 Toys That Will Be On Every Kid's Christmas List This Year


It's not quite "the most wonderful time of the year" yet, but as the weather gets colder major retailers are already warning parents to start planning their holiday shopping.

All of these toys were featured on Christmas wishlists from stores like Walmart and Toys R Us, and some of them are already flying off the shelves.

1. Teddy Ruxpin 2017

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An updated version of everyone's favorite animatronic teddy bear, the new Teddy can read stories to kids using a special app. If you're feeling nostalgic, there's also a limited edition version dressed in Teddy's classic '80s outfit.

2. Tickle Me Elmo 2017

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The basic idea of this toy hasn't changed much since the '90s, but parents will still fight over these giggly red monsters, so pick one up while you still can.

3. Hatchimals Surprise

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If you're a parent, we don't need to tell you that Hatchimals were the hot toy last Christmas, with units selling so fast that toy maker Spin Master had to rush out an emergency batch of the adorable creatures. Hatchimals Surprise includes two of the cuddly monsters for double the fun.

4. Fingerlings

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These adorable little monkeys cling to your finger, react to loud noises and shriek when you flip them upside down. It's easy to see why kids go bananas for them.

5. Littlebit Star Wars Droid

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With the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Last Jedi this Christmas, kids will be seeing the friendly droid R2-D2 everywhere. Older children will love building this remote control model of the famous character.

6. Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

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Think of a fashion-forward twist on the Easy Bake Oven. Kids can make their own custom-scented nail polish. The set also includes accessories like glitter, press-on nails and finger rests.

7. FurReal Roarin' Tyler, the Playful Tiger

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FurReal makes plush toys that come to life before a child's eyes, and that's exactly what Tyler the Tiger will do. The cuddly cat boasts over 100 sounds and animations.

8. Barbie Dream Horse and Doll

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The next-best-thing for every little girl who asks Santa to bring her a pony. Be sure to check out the different styles of doll (there's only one horse, but she has custom animations and sounds).

9. Zoom 'n Crawl Monster from Fisher-Price

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This grinning monster gobbles up plastic balls and spits them out again for hours of fun. The monster grows up with your baby, from a rolling toy to one they can chase. Plus, he knows over 15 songs and phrases.

10. LOL Surprise Fizz Factory

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The younger generation can make fun fizzy bombs using the special molds and ingredients, although these fizzy bombs can not be used in the bath. Bummer!

There are lots more toys to see, including the Paw Patrol playset every kid will beg for this holiday season...

11. Mayka Toy Tape

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Stick this adhesive on your wall, attach the figures to it, then peel the tape off and re-use it when you're done. It's not meant to be used with those other building block toys, but it works.

12. Dusty the Super Duper Garbage Truck

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A parent's dream! Dusty eats up all the toys your children leave on the floor, so they'll have fun while they clean their room. That's a win-win.

13. Doc McStuffins All in One Nursery

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If you're looking for something more substantial than a regular baby doll, this playset featuring the popular Disney character contains lots of activities and toys to keep your little one busy.

14. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone

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The perfect gift for the budding athlete in your life. Soccer, basketball and bowling rolled into one playset, plus fun and educational sounds and games from the talking screen.

15. DC Super Friends Batbot from Fisher-Price

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For older kids who are obsessed with the new DC comics movies, the 2-foot tall Batbot is full of action-packed fun. The figure's chest opens to reveal a small playset for a Batman figure (included).

16. Coco Interactive Guitar

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Once this Pixar film hits theaters, kids everywhere will be begging their parents for the magical guitar used by the film's main character. While the guitar makes its own sounds, it includes sheet music for your little rock star to practice with.

17. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

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Don't let the fancy name intimidate you, this isn't that much different from the Nerf guns we grew up with. Modern improvements include fully motorized action and foam balls, but don't forget to pick up 6 D batteries to keep this monster running.

18. Nintendo Switch

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Everything Nintendo flies off the shelf, and their latest console is no exception. Expect to be put on a waiting list if you try to  grab one of these next month. The Switch plays new games from all of Nintendo's classic series including Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda.

19. Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magic Wand

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Each version of this toy has a magical creature living inside who talks to your child and teaches them spells. LCD video screens on the wand create an immersive adventure that will keep kids entertained. Each wand is a little different, with unique spells, stories and sounds.

20. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

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It transforms into two different rescue vehicles, and features a movable crane with flashing lights and sounds. But most importantly, it says "Paw Patrol" on the box, which means this is a must-have toy for younger kids.

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