2000s WWE Diva, Trish Stratus, Has A Whole New Life Now

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During a time in the 1990s when television shows, movies and music videos were riddled with stereotypical female characters, there was one entertainment programming that stood out from the rest. World Wrestling Entertainment, best known as WWE, dared to be different by adding women to its lineup of professional wrestlers.

Previously known as Divas, these ladies proved that there are many women who can kick butt while being charming and looking flawless. Violence aside, the fierce WWE Divas were inspirational to little girls who grew up playing sports as well as dress-up.

As we welcomed the new millennium, the WWE hype seemed to get louder and more women started to make appearances in the ring. Among them was a 25-year-old Canadian bombshell who went on to become one of the best female wrestlers the world ever saw.

Trish Stratus, whose real name is Patricia Stratigias, joined the wrestling franchise in 2000 after years of working as a fitness model and host of Live Audio Wrestling, a Toronto-based radio show.

The blonde femme fatale debuted as a villain on an episode of Sunday Night Heat and it wasn't long before she began to prove that she was a force to be reckoned with. Less than a year after her first appearance, Trish won her first Women's Championship in 2001.

Trish's death-defying moves, rivalry with Lita and personality earned her a massive fan following and she soon became a household name. However, her career didn't last very long.

Find out why Trish decided to retire early and what she's up to now in the next page.

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