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21 Decorations You Need To Have The Most Boo-tiful Home This Halloween

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Time flies, doesn't it? It feels like this year only just started, but the Witching Hour when little kids will knock on our doors begging for candy is almost here. Make sure your home is Halloween-ready with these spooky, family-friendly decorations.

1. Skeleton Yard Flamingos

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A scary twist on the classic lawn ornament, kids might not appreciate these decorations but parents will get a kick out of them.

2. Pumpkin Lanterns

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Set a little mood lighting with these silly lanterns that come in a handy four-pack. They use LED bulbs, so there's no need to worry about candle mishaps.

3. Skeleton Door Cover

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A must-have accessory for your next Halloween party (as long as your guests don't mind a little potty humor). There's a witch variety as well, so you can mark off the Boil's Room and the Ghoul's Room.

4. "Giggle" The Peeping Clown

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After seeing IT, everyone has a fear of clowns this year. This gag decoration is sure to give your guests a good fright, and features "lifelike, sparkling eyes." Yikes...

5. Spider Fairy Lights

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Just because Christmas is still a few months away, that doesn't mean it's too early to string up some lights. There are spiders, bats and pumpkin designs to fit your mood.

6. Poseable Skeleton

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The best decorations let you exercise your creativity, and that's just what you get to do with this bendy skeleton. Dress him up, decorate him, or just leave him on the porch to scare the neighborhood kids.

7. Giant Spider Web

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No, the giant spider is not included, but keep reading if you're in the market for one. The 23 foot polyester ropes are designed to stand up to tough weather conditions.

8. Giant Spider

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No, the web is not included, but we bet you have a good idea where to find one. This nasty critter is 5 feet long with beady red eyes and poseable legs.

9. Skeleton and Ghost Yard Stakes

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For Halloween fun that's a little gentler, you can't go wrong with these cartoonish characters who sink into your lawn.

10. Stretchy Spider Webs

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You can decorate your home inside, outside and top to bottom with these spider webs that cover 200 square feet. Plus, there are 25 plastic spiders included to decorate the webs.

There are lots more decorations to see, including a spooky doormat that your kids will love...

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