21 Kids Who Will Never Enjoy Easter Again


21 Kids Who Will Never Enjoy Easter Again

It's that time of year when the friendly Easter Bunny hops down the rabbit trail, bringing Easter eggs and chocolate treats to boys and girls everywhere.

But hopefully it's not one of these Easter Bunnies!

Just like Santa, every kid loves to get their picture taken with a friendly, smiling bunny holding a big basket of eggs, but not every mall can deliver the same happy figure we recognize from our greeting cards.

Instead, some children are stuck posing with what we can only guess are the real Easter Bunny's strange cousins, and you can tell from their expressions that they're a little disappointed.

1. They say dogs can sense when something is wrong...

2. Why so serious?

3. This bunny looks like he brings eggs filled with brussel sprouts

4. I'm as confused as she is

5. She's so happy to meet this friendly alien

6. I think his lashes need a trim

7. It was a simpler time...

8. Wait a minute...do Easter Bunnies wear tennis shoes?

9. Her expression says it all!

10. His eyes are as big as that baby's head!

11. Great mustache, everything else needs some work

12. Don't send this photo to grandma, it will just freak her out

13. Just keep smiling....

14. I think this bunny needs to go lie down...

15. The suits have really improved over the years!

16. The mask needs a little work, I think!

17. Nope!

18. My, what a big head you have!

19. Who thought this was okay?

20. Say cheese!

21. "Very funny mom, now where's the real Easter Bunny?"

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