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21 Pooches Enjoying The Dog Days Of Summer [PHOTOS]

The days are getting longer and warmer, and you know what that means: your dog is getting bored! We all know that kids hate being cooped inside as soon as the school year ends, but our pets feel exactly the same way. Dogs must have some kind of sixth sense, because they know when we have free time, and they demand to make the most of it.

Maybe your pup likes to stay at home with the AC turned on, but these dogs love to leave the house and live life to the fullest while the weather is nice.

1. I'll never be as cool as this dog

2. "Aloha!"

3. He's working on his tan

4. Summer is a time to break all the rules

5. I think we need a bigger pool

6. Sit. Stay. House party!

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Remember, while you're out enjoying the nice weather it's important both you and your pet stay hydrated. Bring along extra water for your four-legged friend, and treat them to a dog-safe frozen snack once you get home.

It's also important to keep your pet safe from nasty diseases this summer.

If you're out in any wooded areas, check your dog for tick bites when you get home. And remember to keep your distance from any wild animals, because just getting close to them could make your pet sick.

7. Safety first!

8. "Look, I made new friends!"

9. "Exercise? Nah, I'm good right here..."

10. The new sprinkler works great

11. Always swim with a buddy

12. "Please, can I stay in the pool for 5 more minutes?"

13. This is what true relaxation looks like:

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By now your dog is probably itching to break out and live life to the fullest. Just like us, when the sun is shining they want to hang out with their friends, hit the pool and cut loose. Just make sure they don't get into any trouble!

If your dog loves the outdoors but you don't, this can be a difficult time of the year. But just be glad there's no snow on the ground.

Here are the last 8 adorable photos of dogs living their best life in the sunshine!

14. "Want to go for a swim?"

15. "Remind me to flip over in 10 minutes..."

16. Catching some waves!

17. Sometimes the drive to the beach is the best part of your day

18. "Cannonball!"

19. Remember to dress to impress, even on vacation

20. Hmmm, I think he wants to play fetch...

21. Ah, the thrill of the open road!

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