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21 Pooches Enjoying The Dog Days Of Summer [PHOTOS]

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The days are getting longer and warmer, and you know what that means: your dog is getting bored! We all know that kids hate being cooped inside as soon as the school year ends, but our pets feel exactly the same way. Dogs must have some kind of sixth sense, because they know when we have free time, and they demand to make the most of it.

Maybe your pup likes to stay at home with the AC turned on, but these dogs love to leave the house and live life to the fullest while the weather is nice.

1. I'll never be as cool as this dog

2. "Aloha!"

3. He's working on his tan

4. Summer is a time to break all the rules

5. I think we need a bigger pool

6. Sit. Stay. House party!

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