21 Rules For The Royal Family That Not Even The Queen Can Break

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21 Rules For The Royal Family That Not Even The Queen Can Break

We all dream of growing up and becoming a princess, but being a real-life royal isn't all that it's cracked out to be.

There are lots of rules and regulations you have to abide by and while many of them are for your own good, others are archaic and weird.

Here are 21 rules every member of the Royal Family must follow:

1. Members of the Royal Family aren't allowed to vote.


They're not allowed to have any political views or run for office and they're barred from publicly speaking about politics.

2. When the Queen stands, everyone else must stand.

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3. When greeting the Queen, men must bow and women curtsy.

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4. Everyone must stop eating once the Queen takes her last bite.


5. Monopoly is a forbidden game.


Like any other family, Monopoly elicited too many vicious fights among the royals.

6. When travelling abroad, they're obligated to pack a spare black outfit.


In case a relative dies while they're away, packing an extra all-black outfit would ensure a royal is dressed appropriately upon returning home.

7. Heirs to the throne have to travel separately.

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Two heirs aren't allowed to travel on the same plane even though Will and Kate break this rule often. This rule was put in place to make sure that in case of an accident only one heir would die.

8. As per the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, royals must ask the reigning monarch permission before proposing.


9. A royal bride's bouquet must contain myrtle.

The myrtle plant from Germany was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert and it has been included in the royal wedding bouquets since the marriage of her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria.


10. Upon marriage, members of the royal family take on new names.

Charles and Diana became the Prince and Princess of Wales, while Will and Kate took the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

11. Royals aren't allowed to touch non-royals, take selfies or give autographs.


Another rule that has been broken multiple times by many members of the royal family.

12. Royal women must wear hats to all formal events.

13. For indoor events held after 6pm, married women can swap the hat for a tiara.

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The tiara must be worn on the back of the head at a 45-degree angle.

14. The family isn't allowed to eat shellfish when dining out.


15. Garlic isn't allowed at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen hates it, period.

16. Women should never show cleavage.

Diana and Kate have been known to cover their chests with their clutches.

17. Royal Family members cannot refuse gifts.


18. They're not allowed to have nicknames.


The world may know them as Will and Kate, but at home they're William and Catherine.

19. Prince Philip must walk a few steps behind the Queen.


20. No one is allowed to turn their back on the Queen.

The monarch has to walk away first, then others can follow.

21. The Queen isn't allowed to sit on any other throne but hers.


Well, this one is obvious, but apparently the rule applies to fictional thrones too. When Queen Elizabeth II visited the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, she turned down the chance to sit on the coveted Iron Throne to abide by the rules.

Do you think these rules are too strict or just right?

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